Nutrition Partner

Axia Foods

“Balanced Energy, Powerful Immunity.”
Presenting to you the Nutrition Partner of Melange’22 - Axia Foods. An adequate diet, providing all nutrients, is needed throughout our lives to maintain physical growth and development, normal body function, physical activity and health. The nutrients must be obtained through judicious choice and combination of a variety of foodstuffs from different food groups. When it comes to a healthy diet, balance is the key to getting it right.
Axia serves the world’s first ever plant based products. The company began to address the pain of the consumers who are either short on time or are away from their kitchen. They might be busy but the need for a balanced diet and adequate nutrition remains. With its vegan food range, Axia’s mission is “To make nutritionally balanced, convenient, affordable, healthy meal-on-the-go, with minimal impact on the environment.”
To know more and shop for healthy meals-on-the-go, visit Axia Foods @the_grenhub .