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Chaayos started in 2012. They have cafes across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh, Chennai, and many more are yet to come. They are well-known for serving your perfect ‘MERI WALI CHAI’ just the way you like it. Every Indian wants his specific cup of chai, hence they have invented ‘CHAI CUSTOMISATION', where you can customize your chai in 80,000 ways. You just have to pick your favorite.
Their best-sellers are desi chai, adrak elaichi chai, gur wali chai, god’s chai, honey ginger lemon, modinagar shikanji, bun omellete, bun maska, samosa matar chaat, palak patta crispies and baarish wale pakora.
Chaayos believe in one mantra, which is; Chai+Snacks = Relax. Chaayos cafes give a perfect RELAXING vibe for your perfect chai time