The Flagship Fest of KJ SIM

19th & 20th February 2021

About The Event

About Melange

Melange, the flagship fest of KJ SIM is the convergence of diverse management entities. We believe in celebrating all the facets of business through our fiesta.
For 18 years we have crafted with vigour a technicolour of events and will continue to deliver excellence.

Melange '21 looks forward to seeing you at KJ SIM to experience diverse ideas from your peers, compete with the best,network with the students of other colleges, and above all, have a good time!


K J Somaiya Institute of Management, Vidhyanagar, Vidya Vihar,
Mumbai - 400077


Friday & Saturday
19th & 20th February 2021

Stand-Up Comedy Show

Ft. Rahul Subramanian, Kumar Varun, and Rahul Dua

Star Night 2k20

Management Events

Cultural Events

General Events

Event Speakers

Geeta Uppal

Geeta Uppal

Sr. Vice President, Head- Procurement & Contracts at Reliance Industries Ltd.

Sujan Roy

Sujan Roy

Head - International Business, Passenger Vehicles at Tata Motors

Prashant Mahajan

Prashant Mahajan

Programme Manager, Business and Nature at BirdLife International

Ranjit Shetty

Ranjit Shetty

CIPL Resurge Pvt. Ltd.


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Our Reach

32 Institutes across
various disciplines

having 20,000+

over 11,000+ Alumni
in the Industry

10,000+ footfall
during the event

200+ participating institutes
from across the country

2,00,000+ people
reached on social media

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K J Somaiya Institute of Management, Vidhyanagar, Vidya Vihar,

Phone Number

Harish Nair : +91 9869426795
Avantika Sen : +91 7028039175
Kush Dani : +91 9769283908
Chetna Bhola : +91 9872615388
(VP-Marketing and Events)
Anshul Shriwatri : +91 9599870042
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Manya Mohan : +91 9916859990
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