"Do you have what it takes to go up on the corporate ladder? Can you make the climb to reach the top like Batman did? Well, here is your big chance as Team Humanist presents Crescendo - Climb It Up- an event to test your knowledge and sprinkle a bit of luck to see whether you can sail through and emerge a winner.
Round 1- Online quiz : 30th Jan, 2018; 10.00 PM A password protected question paper will be mailed to the registered team on their email ids, and the password to the same will be posted on our facebook page Time limit : 15 mins for 20 questions. The solutions of the quiz will be recorded in a google sheet provided to you through mail. Top 10 teams will be invited on campus for the second round. Round 1 Results: 2nd Feb, 2018; 8.00 PM
Round 2- On campus round : 10th Feb, 2018; 10.00 AM The second(final) round will be a Snake and Ladder type of event where teams will be tested on topics related to various streams of MBA viz. HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations. Every correct answer will be the ladder to reach the top of the pyramid and every wrong answer will be the snake that brings them behind."

Crescendo: Climb it Up

Registration deadline- Before 11:59 PM, 29th January 2018

Rules Of The Game

1. Only registered teams are eligible.
2. Crescendo 2018 is open to all the students across B-schools of India.
3. A Team should consist if minimum 2 and maximum 3 members from the same institute.
4. No requests for registrations will be entertained after the stipulated deadline.
5. The question paper and the solution sheet will be mailed to the registered teams.
6. The code to the password protected question paper for the Round 1 will be posted on our facebook page at 9:45 pm on 30th January 2018.
7. Quiz will start sharp at 10.00 PM.
8. Answers to be filled and submitted before 10.15 PM sharp. Late entries will not be considered.
9. Ten teams would be shortlisted and results will be declared on 2nd Feb,2018.
10. Teams shortlisted will be required to visit to KJ SIMSR on 10th February,2018 for the final round.

Let's have a small experience of corporate world which you will soon be a part of!!! Members will be working in teams to test their knowledge and showcase their skills along with a bit of luck. This game will encourage teamwork, knowledge sharing and brainstorming together with fun.

Prize worth Rs. 10000

For any queries, contact:
Vibhisha Rathod [email protected] 9870115397