Equity Research Competition

EQUITY RESEARCH ANALYST, one of the most coveted profiles in finance, focuses on analysing companies and finding avenues for investments. Enter this competition where students from top Bschools across India battle it out to make a Stock Pitch to our Investors(Jury). Details of the event: Round 1 – Online Quiz –19th January, 2018 at 22:30 to 23:00. Results – 20th January,2018
Round 2 – Equity Research Report – Qualifiers of Round 1 declared on 20th January will be provided with an exhaustive list of Listed companies to analyse.
Teams will make and submit an Equity Research Report for their selected company by 27th January 2018 by 23:59.
Round 3 – On Campus Round – 10th February 2018
Top 8 teams will be invited on campus to deliver their analysis through a Stock Pitch(PPT) to our panel of judges.
Deadline for registration for Round 1: 19th January, 2018 till 18:00"

ERC 2018

Registration deadline- Before 06:00 PM, 19th January 2018

Rules Of The Game

• ERC 2018 is open to all the students across B-schools of India.
• A Team should consist of two members only. They should be from the same institute.
• The team can have students from first year or second year or combination of both.
• No person can be a part of more than one team. Incase of such events both the teams will be disqualified.
• There is no restriction on the number of teams from an institute.
• The questions of the quiz will be sent to the participants in an password protected PDF file by 22:15 IST along with the link to answer the questions of quiz.
• The password to the password protected questions file for the Round 1 will be posted on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TeamFinstreet/ at 10:30 pm on 19th January 2018.
• It is the duty of the team to submit the answers of the quiz within the stipulated time. Any submissions received post 23:00 will not be considered.
• Incase of a tie, the team which submitted the quiz earlier will qualify.
• Qualifiers of round 2 will be given an exhaustive list of companies to analyse and will need to submit their Research report along with calculation (in Excel) by 27th January 2018 EOD.
• Top 8 teams will be selected for Round 3 which will be held on Campus on 10th February, 2018 where the teams will have to prepare a PPT showcasing their method and approach towards the research and will have to pitch their findings in front of an eminent jury.
Equity Research Competition is an inter-college event where students from all top B-schools across India will get an opportunity to showcase their research and valuation skills and the final winners will be judged on the basis of their anlaysis and pitching skills in front of an emminent jury.

Prizes over 1 lakh to be won

For any queries, contact:
Aadi Gala
[email protected]
Aarzoo Doshi
[email protected]
Vaibhav Bhanushali
[email protected]