Green Trade v 7.0

‘Greentrade v 7.0’ aims to provide a platform to help spread awareness regarding the exponentially growing pollution levels and environmental problems that have plagued the world. It is a strategy based game which has a dual objective of increasing the awareness level regarding green technologies and making the management student understand the importance of carbon credits and the carbon trading concepts. The event involves participation from the best B-schools of India who come together to brainstorm and develop 'out of the box' solutions.

Details of the Event • Round 1 – Online quiz: An online quiz will be conducted as a preliminary screening round on the mentioned date. A password protected question paper will be mailed to the registered team on their email ids, and the password to the same will be posted on our facebook page
The solutions of the quiz will be recorded in a google sheet provided to you through mail.
• Round 2 - On Campus: The concept is to simulate a new world economic forum headed by BRICS whose major objective is not only to boost their economic growth but also keep a check on the pollution level of their respective country. The campus round will be held in a 3 stage process.

The stages are:-
1) Bidding Round: Each team will need to bid for certain industries that will be available on the block for sale, from a particular amount given to them.
2) Production Scheduling: After the bidding process, each team will be given a minimum production schedule for each of the industries that they own. The objective would be to maximize production without crossing the CO2 emission cap.
3) Carbon Trading: Once the production scheduling is done, the CO2 emission of each country will be calculated. The countries with excess of CO2 emission (above the cap level) will be required to buy carbon credits from the market where countries producing less than the CO2 emission cap can sell the difference as carbon credits.
Deadline : • Registration Starts: 12th January 2018
• Registration ends: 30th January 2018
• Round 1 : 31st January 2018 9:30 pm
• Round 1 Result : 3rd February 2018
• Final event : 10th February 2018

GreenTrade v 7.0
When- 02:00 PM, 10th February 2018
Registration deadline- Before 11:00 PM, 30th January 2018

Rules Of The Game

• Green Trade is open to all the students of Post-Graduate Management Institutes.
• A Team should consist of two members only. They should be from the same institute.
• No person can be a part of more than one team.
• One team can submit only one entry.
• There is no restriction on the number of teams from an institute.
• The question paper and the solution sheet will be mailed to the registered teams.
• The password to the password protected question paper for the Round 1 will be posted on our facebook page at 9:30 pm on 31st January 2018.
• Five teams would be shortlisted on the basis of the case solutions submitted in the round 1.

"GREENTRADE V 7.0 is a PAN India B-School competition based on linear programming. The concept of the game is to simulate a new world economic forum held by BRICS whose major objective is not only to boost their economic growth, but also keep a check on the pollution level of the respective country."

Prizes Worth Rs 20,000

For any queries, contact:
Vivek Dogra - +91 9998277887
[email protected]
Chandni Kapadia - +91 9004705230
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