Colour drop melange



Basically, it is a Start-up founded which is currently running. It started with one selling stylish mobile phone covers at best rates. This is in demand to a good extent, especially among college students. There are many websites like Bewakoof, Daily objects and also on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Many Instagram pages like Glamo-phones, Caseily accessories, etc. Indirect competitors will be covers that are sold on streets and retail mobile outlets (Because they are also low priced with less quality)

There are two basic verticals for this start-up, Mobile and Fashion accessories, Under mobile accessories, new mobile phones, phone covers, tempered glass, earphones, chargers, etc. Mobile phone covers are my core specialty and predominant focus is on mobile accessories. For fashion accessories, watches, shoes, bags, jackets, tops, customised t-shirts, hoodies, etc.

To start, an Instagram page was made with “Colourdrop covers and more”. It’s a business page and they give insights about my page. Many start-ups are already doing this and its gaining popularity, like Glamo-phones (with 50k followers). It offers great varieties but at high prices (almost double price than what I offer). They will be shipped within 3 days after placing the order.

For fashion accessories there is a separate page called “Colourdrop fashion and more” on Instagram. This is the second vertical of colourdrop.

The covers will be supplied by the dealers who supply covers to retail mobile stores and also the suppliers who supply to the Instagram pages and websites. At present, there are 25 dealers for all accessories. but mostly it deals with 5-6 dealers only for all type of items. I also have 5-6 resellers who further resell my products to customers. So lower rates are given to them but they quantity order.

Payment through Paytm would be taken once you book the cover because there’s a possibility that the customer might return the cover after ordering. Bank transfer is another option for payment.

It will be through friends, family, relatives, etc. For now, I have also done Sponsorships for college fests to promote the brand. For Kshitij festival of Mithibai college, it was a sponsor. For Vaayu 2017 of NMIMS college and Melange 2017 of KJ Somaiya Institute of Management, it was Mobile Accessories partner. I was also approached by Jai hind college, NM college, Mukesh Patel college of engineering, for sponsorships. We have also created standees, banners, visiting card, T-shirts, a phone cover with logo to promote the brand.

Following this, a Facebook page was created where all the covers will be available. But, couldn’t get enough response, as they say Facebook is losing its charm and Instagram is a great platform for business.

Also, certain Endorsements for the covers can be done by TV celebrities and models. They will be given some free covers and will be told to post the picture along with the covers on their pages and accounts. Already it has collaborated for promotions with Tv stars like Devish Ahuja, Rakshit, etc.

It has also created a basic Website for our brand. The customer can browse through various products of the brand. Now, a proper ecommerce website is into development, customers can pay via Credit card, debit card, Internet banking, Paytm, etc.

On 5th November 2017, it was launched and till date, this start-up has processed 180+ orders with 2100 followers.

Thank you.