MELANGE’18 decides to CLEAN IT UP before TECH IT UP 1

On 14th January 2018, SIMSRITES participated in a clean up drive at Versova beach. In association with Afroz Shah, our Melange,PR and SIMSR Social Cell decided to CLEAN IT UP before TECH IT UP.

Afroz Shah started this mission in October 2015 wholeheartedly with all his might, slowly people started joining his bandwagon and turned this into a people’s movement.For this outstanding work, United Nations Environment Program or UNEP awarded ‘Champion of the Earth’ Award to Afroz Shah, and thus he has become the first Indian to achieve this distinction. The manner in which he gathered the people of the area into a people’s collective and gave it the shape of a people’s movement in itself is an inspiring example.

If more people like Afroz Shah come forward then we surely would see a cleaner and healthier India in the near future.If we want our country to realize its full potential in the world, we have to make it clean. A land of filth, no matter how talented its people and how wonderful its natural resources, will never earn the respect it deserves.Perhaps this is a reason why the PM has taken on the Swachh Bharat mission with such gusto.With the launch of this campaign, we see a silver lining and a new hope that India will look different after five years. But this will be possible only if each one of us becomes a part of this huge initiative and does not let it die.From government officials to citizens and even leaders of the opposition political parties have joined hands to make this campaign a big success.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your broom and join the effort for a clean India.

-Kejal Shah

  • Mayur Somvanshi

    Great Initiative !!!