Your Story- Steamy Mugs!

It’s just the start which stops many people. How many of us choose the profession we want? There is a difference between what we really want to do in life and where we land up owing to our destiny. It takes a lot of courage and determination to take that one step further. Being an entrepreneur is a decision which can’t be taken by everybody because of the sheer persistence required. Today we bring to you the story of one such entrepreneur, Prem Vellaiyan, owner of the café Steamy Mugs.

Prem started his career as a digital marketer after completing his engineering from Mumbai University. Many of us must be tea or coffee lovers but the idea of having our own café doesn’t come in our minds. Prem wanted to take this idea forward which involved a lot of risk and family pressure. Parents generally don’t like the idea of leaving a secure job and going ahead on a path which is less travelled. This makes us realize the remarkable quality which the millennials of this generation have. When they work in an organization they are not merely employees, rather they volunteer to work for the company for a certain period where more than money what they expect is job satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. When Prem started with his business, all that he had in his mind was his passion and motivation to bring a slight change in people’s lives. By continuing with his job as a digital marketer he did not want to regret later about the goals he could not achieve.

Coming up with a name with a hidden meaning and a tagline was also a challenging task because that’s the way he was going to position his company in the minds of people. The name Steamy Mugs and the logo very well express the idea wherein the first thing that people notice in a cup of tea is the steam. It is followed by the tagline ‘filled with goodness’. The goodness that lies in the interiors with the quotes written on it which can probe people to do something and the goodness of having a good coffee with good books! This is reflected in the articles and reviews given by customers where they feel the café has a friendly atmosphere and fills them with good vibes.

This journey doesn’t end here. One needs to come up with innovative ideas every day in order to keep the customers engaged. There should also be a sense of ownership among the people who are working with you. The vibrant and the colourful atmosphere with customer’s personal comments stuck everywhere in the café can make one actually visit the place. The quote written on the wall of Steamy Mugs best describes an entrepreneur; you have one life, make the most of it.

– Shalvi Sharan

PGDM International Business (2016-18)