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There was a time when the idea of leaving a high paying job to start your own company was laughed off. The situation has changed over the past few years. The notion of success for the younger generation is different from what it used to be in the past. Now success not only means achieving something, it also means succeeding and failing side by side so that the process of learning doesn’t stop. Learning from one’s mistakes is what we had always learnt. The good part is this is also being implemented now.

The most important problem faced by MNC’s today is employee disengagement with the organization and its value base. The primary reason for this is the lack of transparency in the organization. It is said that employees don’t just quit their jobs, they quit their bosses. Managers need to foster trust in their subordinates so that the problems can be discussed openly without the hierarchy of the organization coming in between. The flat hierarchy followed by the start-ups which is also being adopted by established companies is working towards achieving this idea. This gives a sense of ownership to all the employees who are then able to align themselves with the organization’s vision. It also incorporates generating better and innovative ideas.

In the process of establishing a company its inbound marketing also plays a crucial role by allowing the company to have a strong digital presence. Accountability is a crucial factor which is taken into consideration by any company and inbound marketing helps the organization to achieve this objective.

Any flaw in this process can hamper a company’s growth and therefore it is very important to look at the flip side of the picture as well.   The image that a company has on people’s mind can sometimes turn out to be superficial. An organization cannot just be defined by the free perks and flexibility that it offers to the employees. With more transparency being offered there must not be a lack of discretion and the power structure should be kept intact upto a point where people don’t deviate from the business needs. When talking about hiring and recruiting the employees, the group of initiators need to hire people who might be lacking in core competency but are excellent team players. This might not look like a good idea but when it comes to building a good culture the idea of ‘I succeed without you failing’ is of utmost importance. If the solo players in a team look down upon the success of others they can be highly detrimental to the success of the organization.

Having discussed this, the whole idea also boils down to the fact that India has a tremendous population whose potential is untapped. The concept of having a dream job is slowly vanishing and the idea of having one’s own venture is emerging. Creating a start-up culture with plethora of innovative minds is gaining a strong foothold. What also needs to be focused on is the sustenance of this unique culture.



Shalvi Sharan, PGDM-IB (2016-18)

Special thanks to Shalvi for being the guest writer !

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