What makes ‘Mothers’ ‘Entrepreneurs’? 1

Idea of entrepreneurship, involving lots of risk and chance earlier used to be the male dominant sector. Responsibilities of women scoped to the extent of ‘employment’ and ‘self employment’ used to be the male domain. But since time progressed phenomenon of women entrepreneurship took up very rapidly and also entered the domain of mothers.The idea of mothers entering entrepreneurship is not conforming to the society where women having perceived roles towards their family and responsibilities towards children often restrict their business development practices.

Despite of certain challenges the number of mother entrepreneurs is increasing with time. In such a case what could be the motivating factors for women that they are readily venturing into upcoming trend.

If we take the views of various mumpreneurs materialistic requirements can be a factor for them to get into this but these are not motivations. They are ‘pushed’ factors and are usually short lived. A women having requirement for money will first look for employment. In case she is not getting a job as per her requirements; most probably not allowing her time flexibility, then she might start her own business but since the motivations are not high her endeavors will also be short lived.

Struggling in a life where she is unable to give her 100% neither to her family nor to the business requires a strong motivational drive which comes from the feeling of self actualization. These factors could be the one very important when a woman is frustrated by working for others and is now willing to do something of her own desire; as the work of desire is the biggest motivation or when a woman wants more control over her time and income.

It is also seen for the women who like challenges and challenge themselves to carry out both personal and professional life successfully. Challenge to own self is more impelling than challenging others, which brings true commitment towards work.

Today women having kids have found many innovative ideas to manage their work and families together. One of them, the most prominent idea is working from home where women usually start their business in their home making hobbies their profession. They have proven the world that true desires can’t be tamed by the circumstances however tough they are.

Sameeksha Mishra, PGDM- Marketing Communications (2016-18)


  • Suyash Shukla

    Really nice thought. There are immense opportunities for women working from home. I feel they require a platform to showcase their talent. The idea can be revolutionized by providing a portal on which these hobbies can be showcased to get a better reach towards potential customers. Ponder on it.