Melange is back!

SIMSR, over the years, has been an epitome of Knowledge, discipline and core fundamental values. Along with the quality education that it has been imparting since its inception, SIMSR also boasts of numerous cultural, technical and other varied events that it goes about conducting every year.  Every event of SIMSR brings about different colours of ecstasy but the grandest spectacle of them is Melange- the annual flagship event of SIMSR.

Melange has been adding golden feathers to SIMSR, scaling new heights every year.  It is a national level Fest, wherein the brightest and most enthusiastic young minds come together to showcase their expansive talents around a stream of various events. A unique amalgamation of different managerial, cultural, formal and informal competitions, Melange every year paints SIMSR with colours of Joy and happiness.

Melange has always been a theme oriented event. Last year, the theme of the fest was Mumbai which attracted and appealed to a wide range of people. This year also, the theme around which the event has been planned is “Start-up India” with the tagline Get!Set!Start-Up!!. India has surfaced as a nation with a pool of entrepreneurial talent and latest economic reports have reported a tremendous rise in the establishment and funding of start-ups. Consistent with these trends, SIMSR has decided upon the theme which promises to be fun, interactive and knowledge enhancing at the same time. Melange offers its audience with events such as Entrepreneurial talks, TedX Gateways, Model United Nations, Alpha Manager, Finxpert, Photography workshops, etc. Gaming enthusiasts also get to try their skills at various events such as Kurukshetra, Archery, LAN Gaming and so on. Bands and artists such as Indian Ocean and Euphoria leave the audience spellbound and other celebrities such as Perizaad Zorabian, Nikhil Chinappa, also grace the occasion with their august presence. These are just some of the many mind boggling events that Melange in houses and each event promises to be of its own kind, bringing out the best of the skills and talents of the students.

14 spectacular editions of Melange have been conducted successfully so far and the 15th one will also be nothing short of captivating. Come together with us and be a part of this one big adrenaline pumping party. Display your talent, have fun and carry magical memories back with you as this is what Melange is all about.


Sudipta Sarkar,

PGDM International Business- (2016-18)