Preparing for a Date with Mel!!!


Knock!  Knock! “Who is it?” whispered a Raika. A little birdy on a tree answered “Mel”. “Mel?”  She was surprised, happy and flabbergasted at the same time. She didn’t know how she felt- to be happy or sad, to be tensed or relaxed! Mel was here! For those who are wondering who Mel is, let me introduce you to him.  He was on his annual visit to SIMSR from a very far off island.


He is a youngster, a student of your and my age, happens to be the mascot of Melange, the annual flagship event of SIMSR. He is a typical Indian kid of the 90’s who grew up listening to the evergreen Indi pop tracks of the iconic bands of that time, specially “Euphoria” which was his favorite till date.

She took him in, while preparing tea for him, she got lost in a different world. She wondered what to do with him. Where do I take him, how do I engage him and when do I engage him?

It was not easy to take Mel on a date. A date with Mel meant 3 days of extravaganza in the campus. “But who will make all the arrangements?” is what she thought. It was no less than organizing a wedding right from the Sangeet to the Bidaai! So Raika, broke up the task into a few subtasks and formed a few verticals and started working on it, for Mel was particular that the outing had to be better than before and he is a perfectionist! Take it from me!

So, she decided and planned an event. She would take him on a date to a Bombay themed party at the SIMSR campus in Somaiya Vidyavihar between 11-13th February 2016. He was a very academic person so she thought of having a few competitions both managerial and cultural spheres where he could learn as well as enjoy with his favorite band, Euphoria playing in the background! “What a wonderful idea it is!” she thought. But the question was who would be doing what!

She decided to form a team. She made Himanshu the president. Akshay, Priyal, Swapnil, Dharmendra were vice presidents.

It started off with the Editorial team, when she called Sunakshi. Raika had to get sponsorship, as Mel was no less than a king. Everything had to be perfect and perfection comes at a premium. So the content team made up the concept note to aid the people seeking sponsors. They wrote, rewrote multiple times and burnt the midnight oil to get it right. “Finally done!” they thought when they came to know that these were one of the many that was supposed to go from them. Disappointed to the core, they went on writing. They conducted the achiever’s series- interviewed people, they wrote for the invitations, the blogs to grab the eyeballs and what not! Saloni and Abhijit also joined the team and contributed for this.

Next came the digital team. She had to get the head of digital media and creatives to make this an affair to remember! She contacted Sunakshi who then turned to Afreen and Namita for Digital Media. They agreed instantly as Mel was a favorite of all! “How can we not do this for Mel?” they asked. They formed a team and went on designing posters on posters, campaigns on campaigns and events after events with aid of Puja. They even blogged about Mel’s arrival. So slowly Mel became visible on the college campus. Going an extra mile, Sunakshi shared her shoulder with other verticals- website and editorial along with Ramith and Riya. It was a very costly affair!

When this was on full spree, the arts division headed by Tanya came to the picture. She started making lovely posters and hoardings about Melange with her team. It was pure art with poster colors, sketch pens and pencils brought into the picture. Then the campus was decked up with those exquisite creations!

In parallel Raika contacted Ruchir to make arrangements for sponsorships, as this was a very costly affair. He formed a huge team and got in touch with many companies who helped convert this from an idea into a reality. Raika is greatly touched by the gesture of the sponsors who agreed to part with their finances for Mel’s dream date. She is thankful to the entire sponsorship team who ran pillar to post to get the numbers right!

Last but not the least, she wanted people to be available on “the day”. She contacted Mayur, Mikhil and Rahul to help Mel capture the memories forever and Akash for logistics. All were good in their respective areas she thought. Good photographers and a good coordinator, all of them have worked very hard from the beginning and will continue till “the day” she thought.

With Valentine’s day round the corner, she thought what could be the best gift for Mel.  She zeroed down on a “surprise” after lot of brainstorming, scratching, scribbling and doodling on any piece of paper that she could get. You must be wondering what that surprise is.  Oh yes! You are on the right track! She invited “Euphoria” to perform exclusively for Melange on 12th of February 2016! Yes! you heard it right. It is the “Euphoria”! The same band that Mel loved. She wanted this to be one of the most cherished moments and now they will be!

With so much of planning, Raika as well as I am curious to see how the date goes on. Please join us between 11th and 13th February 2016 to see what happens next. Will it be the dream date? Hang On … Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost! Jaana par laut ke zaroor aana!


Meghana Rao Kaushik

(Student- PGDM Marketing Communications, 2015-17, KJSIMSR)