How Steamy Mugs was Born (Direct from the owner – Prem Vellaiyan) 1

I love tea and coffee. Saying no to these two beverages is an impossible feat for me!

I have always enjoyed preparing tea and coffee for my family. It gives me immense pleasure when someone comes to my home and appreciates the tea or coffee served by me. The whole thought of people enjoying life through a cup of tea or coffee is where the idea of starting a café struck me! This dream was first planted in my head when I was just 13 years old.

During my 2nd year engineering, I started planning for my café and thought that once my graduation is done, I could immediately plunge into the business. Unfortunately, being from a middle class background, I had to delay my childhood dream, as I had to work for around 3 years and still working. On December 2015 I put some serious thoughts behind pursuing my dream or you can say it was the passion towards preparing the tea and coffee, which made me push towards pursuing my dream, and ultimately on Jan 2016, ‘Steamy Mugs’ was born!

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I aim to build a café that could be visited by people of all backgrounds without thinking twice about the huge amount of money that they might have had to spend on some other café. I want a café that reads ‘Quality, Hygienic and Pocket Friendly’.

One of my favourite quotes is –  “Sometimes you just need to take the first step and all of your dreams can come true”. I have taken the first step towards working upon my café ‘Steamy Mugs’ at Tilak Nagar. I just hope people would like the tea and coffee like the way my family and relatives liked it.

I just want you to always remember that if you have a dream, just go and try to pursue it wholeheartedly, no matter what comes you will be successful if you just take the first step and work on your dreams with passion.

‘Be Passionate Forever’

-Prem Vellaiyan


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