SIMSRites- Eat, Sleep, Experiment, Repeat! – Part 2




Sourajeet, a student of PGDM-International Business, is from the ‘temple city’ of Bhubaneswar. People find it difficult to pronounce his name and hence call him ‘Sourya’ with a ‘y’. He gives you the impression of an angry young man, but is quite sweet. “Whether you like him or loathe him, you can’t ignore him” is what his friends opine about him. He is considered to be ‘Jack of most trades’ starting from cricket, where he represented his State at the Ranji Trophy level, to being a fitness freak that he is. Later he took to writing and is a columnist at three newspapers, which includes the national daily THE PIONEER. He is soon coming up with his first book to be published very soon and is also co-authoring a book with one of the professors at SIMSR.

According to Sourya, MBA taught him discipline, multitasking, made him adhere to deadlines and keeps him on his toes all the time. Reading gives him the requisite mental solace; an alibi from all the hustle bustle. Writing is a natural extension to avid reading-writing continuum.

Finally, he believes that in everybody’s life, there are things we want to do and things that we have to do. ‘Passion’ that drives us to things that we want to do subsides the vagaries and vicissitudes of things that we have to do.




Shashanka, the Idea – Concept – Design – Product guy, is currently a student of P.G.D.M. whom you might bump into pitching in premier Start – Ups Business Plan events of national stature. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Tele – Communication Engineering from University of Pune, starting early from sophomore year heading a team of 3 enthusiasts, he commenced to work on research paper with the novelty of idea eventually turning into an open hardware model that transformed to a Social plan  and eventually ended up as a Beta stage Business plan venture aimed to take over the toxic hazardous bio – medical waste disposal segment of the market, transforming this unorganized field into an organized sector.

He has been deeply influenced by the works of Satyajit Ray and Clint Eastwood and is a member of S.I.M.S.R. – Talkies. “The creative adult is the child that survived” and “He not busy born, is busy dying” are some school of thoughts he deeply relates to. He feels in general that “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears – Les Brown” and the culture of the institute is deeply motivating and encouraging to foster the seeds of entrepreneurship among the talented pool of students in campus.




Prateek Aggarwal is a first year PGDM RM Student from SIMSR. After completing Electronics and Communication engineering in 2011 from IEC college of Engineering Prateek worked with TCS for 2.5 years.

Although he learnt a lot in the firm, he always dreamt of starting something of his own. This dream was fulfilled when a friend of his, Swati-a masters in Interior designing from Florence, suggested starting a business in interior designing. Prateek soon joined the business and started enjoying his work as the Business Head in WhiteDreamz!

Prateek strongly believes in maintaining the quality of the work they do at whitedreamz and says that they shall always strive to deliver the best to their clients. After the first turnkey project, his start up has won several bids and got projects from Australia, Malayasia, UK etc.

Prateek sends out a message for all the entrepreneurs out there and I quote him – “You need to be confident while speaking to the client. You need to be confident about what you talk and about your work that you’ll be able to deliver what you have said.”

He points out that in the first year itself SIMSR has taught him how to direct yourself to be consumer centric, what better quality you can provide to customer and how unique can you be in this competitive Industry. He hopes to expand his business in the near future if everything goes according to the plan.




An engineer in metallurgy and material from Jadhavpur University, Kolkata, Soumya started his career in Jindal Stainless Ltd. He worked there as the associate manager for 4 years and while working in the quality sector he observed the instruments that were used in the industry and this fascinated him.

He observed the testing done in labs and the profitability and this is where the idea struck and Soumya ended up opening a start up called the LabKafé with Hitesh and Aniket Thakur-his friends who were working with him at the time. The LabKafé is a website which enables online shopping of industrial instruments. This online site is a way for them to test the waters and get to learn the nuances of the business before they set up a lab in future.

He recalls how initially the business ran on a catalogue mode where they personally had word with prospective clients. Soumya decided to pursue MBA to have a holistic view of how to run a business. Dreamily, Soumya says in future he and his partners plan to set up a lab and take his dreams forward.




His eyes spark when he talks about music and he could talk about it for hours together, Arpit Lalwani, a 2nd year PGDM Marketing Communications Student from SIMSR, is a singer and loves performing!

Arpit hails from the lake city- Bhopal and is killing it here in Mumbai. His interest traces back when he was 5 years old and interacted with his family member who is equally passionate about music. From the age of 6 he had undergone professional training from a guruji in classical music for about 10 years and has been performing from age of 13. He has performed in 250 stage shows till now.

Adding another feather to his cap he started learning ghazal at the age of 14 and gave a sufi touch to his singing, making it more heart touching. His pure love for music jumped up again seeing the successful band (MAUJ) OF K.J.SIMSR, which gives a stage for both raw and professional talent in music and singing. Today, he is the lead singer in MAUJ and has performed in various college events, including Aagaz, the launch event of Melange.




Kiran Jagtap professionally a mechanical engineer with 23 Months of hard-core manufacturing industry experience. He says that he had the “Dance ka keeda” from his childhood days and he started with flaunting his skills in the local dance competitions. Since then he had danced with and Choreographed dances for Reality TV shows, colleges, schools and wedding functions and has trained more than 2000 kids and adults in PACEMKERS DANCE ACADEMY.

Not only this, he has organized various events in colleges, award shows and family functions. Kiran is now studying PGDM in Retail Management from SIMSR.

He appreciates SIMSR’s positive view towards extra-curricular activities and specific infrastructure for that. His objective of pursuing MBA comes from the fact that MBA will give him that that versatility and will add the skill to manage his passion while working.

He says that his dad has been his greatest source of inspiration and his stories of struggles keep him focused towards his future goals. His ultimate goal is to start an entertainment company or a film production house, So that he can use his artistic and management skills to entertain others, while still doing what he loves the best that is, entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.




They share their birthdates, are neighbors and childhood friends. In 2012, Aniket and Chetan decided to start their own business. They started with an ecommerce site called, a site that sells and delivers firecrackers all over Mumbai. The site has already sold over 120 lacs worth of firecrackers and is the only player in Maharashtra.

So the story started when he, Chetan and his younger brother had gone to buy fire crackers near the station and Aniket casually commented that it was immensely crowded and how they had to stand in a line to which Chetan said and – “in this time I bought shoes for over 5000/- ” That’s when they realized that they could open up an ecommerce website to make buying firecrackers easily!



Aniket and Chetan then started another startup called on 15th Aug, 2015-a marketplace for Make in India products- a concept Modi has been promoting. The site sells handicrafts, handmade articles,warli products and various other products.

Aniket and Chetan hope to expand their business and plan to soon move towards apparels. Aniket beams and says that they have already received over 100+ orders on swadesiya and they were featured in 10 newspapers and two TV channels. They say that it has been amazing till now for them. Aniket is the co-convener of the E-cell and says that the experience in the committee has taught him a lot.


Shivika Pandya

(Student-PGDM International Business 15-17, KJSIMSR)