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Hurry- The Nucleya Fever is on its way!

With the rise of EDM in India contributing highly to the nightlife of the youth with cutting-edge light shows, stage sets and spectacular display of fireworks; bunch of fun packed youngsters are experiencing their best high of music. In this vast genre of music, comes Nucleya – electronica driven by […]

SIMSR Melange 2015 - Blog

Your Story- Steamy Mugs!

It’s just the start which stops many people. How many of us choose the profession we want? There is a difference between what we really want to do in life and where we land up owing to our destiny. It takes a lot of courage and determination to take that […]

The Evolution of Entrepreneurship

History has been witness to centuries of civilizations trying their hands at innovation and entrepreneurship. One’s profession in the days of yore was determined by one’s caste and was also severely affected by factors like political instability due to the lack of a centralized system of governance, epidemics and health […]

SIMSR Melange 2015 - Blog

SIMSR Melange 2015 - Blog

Start-up Culture

There was a time when the idea of leaving a high paying job to start your own company was laughed off. The situation has changed over the past few years. The notion of success for the younger generation is different from what it used to be in the past. Now […]

What makes ‘Mothers’ ‘Entrepreneurs’? 1

Idea of entrepreneurship, involving lots of risk and chance earlier used to be the male dominant sector. Responsibilities of women scoped to the extent of ‘employment’ and ‘self employment’ used to be the male domain. But since time progressed phenomenon of women entrepreneurship took up very rapidly and also entered […]

SIMSR Melange 2015 - Blog

Melange is back!

SIMSR, over the years, has been an epitome of Knowledge, discipline and core fundamental values. Along with the quality education that it has been imparting since its inception, SIMSR also boasts of numerous cultural, technical and other varied events that it goes about conducting every year.  Every event of SIMSR […]

SIMSR Melange 2015 - Blog


Preparing for a Date with Mel!!!

Knock!  Knock! “Who is it?” whispered a Raika. A little birdy on a tree answered “Mel”. “Mel?”  She was surprised, happy and flabbergasted at the same time. She didn’t know how she felt- to be happy or sad, to be tensed or relaxed! Mel was here! For those who are […]